Israel Escort Service

Flor2-240x360Exclusive Israel escort service for businessmen and oligarchs is not any other escort service. In here I will try to explain the differences.

What is an escort service? A simple escort service is a service we can all use. I will start with a short story – I was inviting escort service few years ago, for the first time in my life. I didn’t know what to expect. Can I talk about sex or can't I? Will she be a hooker and I will be disappointed?  How is she going to be dressed etc. so first of all I was surprised, yes, I was, because I didn’t know what to expect. I way paying a small amount of money (I think it was something about 200 shekels) and got a girl, looking like a stripper at the best, and like a street whore at the worst, she looks like she came to make me cum and go, nothing more. This kind of service should not be called "ESCORT" in any place, not in Israel and not in the whole world. And absolutely not "Exclusive Israel escort service", that’s just a shame for the profession. From that day I took with me two things – first – the profession does exist, every time that I will need an escort service for events, I will have a place to get it from. Second – I should find a proper place for that, because I will not have another hooker-looking escort in my living room. I had no doubt that there are better places.

Exclusive escorts in Israel for businessmen, as contrast to discreet apartments, escort clubs, and hookers.

So after we have understood that there is a real escort service in Israel, it is time to find some VIP Israel escort for businessmen. We are talking about the same area, but with a little change. If some people are inviting escorts in Israel for all kinds of reasons, so the section of businessmen escort is a very strong one in Israel. The reason is because those men are working all the time and rarely can find some free time to meet or date. VIP Israel escort service is a necessary need for all kinds of men, so it is out there, you should just do your best in order to find the best, and you won't be disappointed.

An exclusive escort in Israel for oligarchs is another section in the whole Israel escorts scene

Not once, some big time oligarchs are arriving to Israel and needs a girl to escort them while they are in Israel. Sometimes they need a translator, sometimes they need just a girl to hang out with, while they are making business and having fun. Everyone needs to enjoy from time to time, both physically and mentally. That’s why it is so clear why they will invite an Israeli escort girl. VIP Israel escort service for oligarchs is exactly what  they need, while in Israel.